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Termal Printheads (TPH)
The thermal prindhead consists of a linear array of tiny resistive heating elements that are pressed against a heat sensitive paper. Each heating element is electronically controlled and locally heats an area on the paper. This induces a chemical reaction and creates a coloured dot in that area. Due to a synchronous paperflow the final image is formed.

Thermal printing has a very high reliability, especially for heavy use in harsh environments. It is quiet, printing speed are high and the costs are low. No additional consumables are needed.

OECA GmbH offers a wide range of thermal printheads for ticket, label and receipt printers. Our printheads are used in access, parking and scale systems but also in lottery and gaming.

The printheads, manufactured in thick film and gold fine line technology on ceramic, are compact, robust and extremely reliable. Resolutions up to 12 dot / mm (300dpi) and print widths up to 100 mm (4 inches) are available.
Printheads with heat history control enable high-speed printing with excellent image quality. For a better paper contact the heating elements can be deposited on a partial glaze. Thermal printheads, especially designed for dual colour printig (e.g. red & black), have been successfully field tested.
An additional protective coating against hard particles and moisture considerably extends the abrasiv life of our printheads. A conductive modification of this coating can eliminate electrostatic discharges wich could damage electronic components.

Features of our thermal printheads:

  • Manufactured in thick film an gold fine line technology
  • Resolutions up to 12 dot / mm (300 dpi)
  • Print widths up to 100 mm (4 inches)
  • Heat history control
  • Printing speeds up to 250 mm / s (10 inches / s)
  • Partial glaze for better paper contact
  • Dual colour printing
  • Hard protective coating (ESD safe)
  • Operating life up to 150 km and 108 pulses

We are open for your requests.
Based on our experience and equipment we design and manufacture customer specific printheads that meet your requirements. If you are looking for an obsolete or discontinued thermal printhead, then contact us for assistance.


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Soccer WM 2006 ticket

Printed with OECA TPH 15238



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