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Thick Film Technology
Thick film technology is a manufacturing technology for ceramic circuit carriers. OECA GmbH utilizes the base substrate materials aluminium oxide (Al2O3) and aluminium nitride (AlN). The individual layers are deposited by screen printing and fired at high temperatures (850°C).
Compared to a circuit board (FR4) ceramic substrates have a much better termal conductivity and a coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) matched to that of silicon. By means of this technology OECA GmbH reaches line widths down to 80 microns.
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Gold Fine Line Technology
Even smaller line widths can be achieved by using gold fine line technology, the OECA standard technology for manufacturing thermal printheads. A gold layer is deposited all over a glazed Alumina and the patterns are formed by photolithography and etching. This technology is a reasonable alternative to thin film technology.
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Hybrid Assembly
Chip-on-board technology is one of our core competences. This includes the processes die attach, wire bonding and encapsulation. Based on many years of experience combined with advanced production equipment we can offer our customers optimized and cost effective solutions.
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In the field of opto-packaging OECA GmbH has the essential equipment and the appropriate know-how for the professional realization of your projects.
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Plasma Coating Technology
OECA GmbH offers it's unique coating technology using a PECVD method for diamond like carbon layers. This coating is extremely hard, highly wear resistant, chemically inert und biocompatible.
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