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Plasma Coating Technology
Thanks to an efficient plasma coating technology based on PECVD we are able to provide our customers coating services. We deposit diamond like carbon layers (DLC) onto parts and components from the field of electronics, microsystems and medical engineering. Plasma coating technology is a clean and environmentally friendly process.

Our standard protection coating features a superior hardness combined with a high wear, scratch and corrosion resistance. It is chemically inert, biocompatible and resistant against acids, alkanlines and organic solvents.

A conductive modification of our standard coating can eliminate electrostatic discharges wich could damage electronic components.

Typical characteristics:

Hardness: 2.000 - 3.500 HV
Chemically resistant against: acids, alkalines, organic solvents
Ionic resistant against: chlorine Cl-, potassium K+, sodium Na+, calcium Ca2+, ammonium NH4
ESD safe: upon request
Thermal stability: < 450 °C
Biocompatibility: yes
Thickness: 0.5 - 3.5 µm
Colour: anthracit to black
Suitable substrates: all metals and semiconductors capable of forming stable carbids
Applications: surfaces that require: extreme hardness, excellent wear resistance scratch resistance, resistance against atmospheric and galvanic corrosion, low friction, biocompatibility



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