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Optoelectronic Devices
Active Components

All devices described as follows are examples to show the span of possible solutions, using the OECA technologies. The active components can be combined with each other to build up a Duplex - or Cascade device (multiple transceiver/receiver combination). Please contact us for all further questions regarding types, wavelength, fibers, pinout, mechanical outlines etc.

Laser Diodes

Almost all commercially available laser diodes whether as chip on submount as well as in TO- packages can be assembled at the OECA GmbH. The type of laser diode can be determined by the customer or will be selected by the OECA GmbH to fulfil the customer requirements independent from any supplier.

All pigtails are manufactured with a standard length of 1m. Polarization maintaining devices and devices with polarizer or optical isolator are available.

For special applications thermal stabilized laser diodes, mounted together with a thermoelectric cooler and a monitoring thermistor in a PDF File Dual – In – Line (DIL) or butterfly – package are offered.
Contact us for the assembling of laser diodes in other packages special fiber types or fiber length.

PDF File | Laser devices Overview | Mechanical outline | Pinout |

Light emmitting diodes (LED), VCSEL

LEDs for the wavelength range from UV to IRED and VCSELs for 850nm, 1310nm are offered for fiberoptic applications as well as for free space transmissions and sensor applications. Based on chips, supplied by the market or our customers, devices on TO- type sockets or already mounted into all types of receptacle or as pigtails are available. Active alignment of the diode to the fiber guarantees a high coupling efficiency.

PDF File | LED, RCLED, VCSEL Overview | Mechanical outline |

Photo diodes, PIN preamp receiver, APD

Beside the standard PIN photodiodes with Si-, GaAs-, InGaAs- photodiode chips, and APDs, the OECA has developed a new family of PIN preamps (PIN TIA -PIN photodiodes with transimpedance amplifier) by combining several amplifier chips with PINs. This allows to produce customer specific, taylor made devices for many applications, as TO-type device, pigtail or receptacle.

PDF File | APD, Photo diodes, PIN preamps Overview | Mechanical outline |

Passive Components

Multichannel - optical lens connector

The multichannel- optical lens connector works with the expanded beam technology. This makes the lens connector especially applicable under harsh environmental conditions, such as mining, railway and military applications.
The hermaphroditic connector consists of a robust outer housing (Aluminum body, elastomeric sealing) and precision inserts (Arcap) for the optical channels.
The connector can be delivered as 1-,4- and 8-channel version. The optical inserts are available with an additional coated protection glass.and can be used as single component too. The inserts are designed for the use of fibers with diameters of 50/125 µm, 62.5/125 µm up to 200/230 µm.

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Fiber collimator

These fiber collimators are using Selfoc ® or in special applications, aspherical lenses. The beam characteristics are influenced by geometrical parameters as fiber diameter, lens diameter and diameter of the beam at the entrance pupil of the lens. Selfoc ® collimators involve small beam divergence, small squint and circular beam with Gaussian distribution.
They are available with a pigtail (with / without connector) or as double device with collimators on both ends.
All described laser devices can be completed by one of these collimators.
Optional laser collimators are available with fixed or adjustable optics for small beam divergence and high power.

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