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The OECA GmbH is a supplier of active and passive optoelectronic components and thermal printheads.

The products of both product lines are designed and manufactured to serve the global market of tele- and data communication, sensor and measurement applications and all applications for thermal printing technology.

OECA thermal printheads will found their application in fax machines, ticket machines and label printers, but even any sales slip in the supermarket will be printed with our products.

Our range of opto-electronic products ranging from laser diodes, LED's and VCSEL, to fasercollimators. The application is depending on the different components: power transmission, laser printers, light barriers or recently illumination of traffic lights and car headlights.

One of our core competencies is the exclusive design and manufacture of customized components.


Our OECA thermal printheads now have to request a special layer to abrasion and scratches.

Wear protective layer for thermal printheads

A plasma-coating process in PECVD technology makes it possible diamond wear protective layer with a high abrasion-, scratch resistance and resistance to chemical corrosion on the dotline the thermal printheads raise. These thermal printheads are characterized by long life and high print quality.

New developments in OECA PINTIA range - smaller dimensions. Wavelengths of 660 to 1550nm.


New combinations of PIN Photodipden with downstream TIA for a broad wavelength spectrum available. Therefore, the wavelength ranges from 660 to 1550nm. Click here to get an overview. If you presented to the new interest and need more information, please contact us.




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