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OECA Optoelektronische Componenten and Applikations GmbH
The Optoelektronische Componenten and Applikations GmbH was founded in July 1992 as a subsidiary of the Halbleiter-Import und Vertriebs GmbH Lübeck .
The company is located in Hoppegarten just outside the city limits of Berlin.

Founding the OECA gave the opportunity to serve customers at the emerging laser market in addition to customers at the already established optoelectronic market.

The OECA business consist of three main product lines “Optoelectronic components”, “Thermal printheads” and “Service”.

The products of all three product lines are oriented at the needs of our customers, very often specified by them. Beside this OECA is producing a wide range of standard products of optoelectronics and thermal print heads.

The acquisition starts usually in the development department of the OECA customers. Together with these specialists the sales engineers of OECA are defining the specification of the needed devices and the technology of its production.

The OECA GmbH unites a huge potential of engineering experience; 12 out of 32 employed people are engineers, physicists or university graduates of other branches.

Member of association "Optical technologies from Berlin and Brandenburg" Summary (German):
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OECA GmbH in Hoppegarten near Berlin



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